The De Sarams, Ilangantilekes, Jayawardenas, Pereras, and Weerasoorias

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2009-01-06 15:49:32

Went horseback riding while in Jamaica for Dale's wedding. Rode out into the ocean... and fell off the horse!

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- charith
2008-03-02 14:05:18

Haha, Aiya came across this old video on Mahagastota where nakiya Weerasooria only pulled off a 3rd
- charith
2008-03-02 13:29:34

Went for a snow rallycross up in New Hampshire last weekend. I did a dirt rallycross in a friend's Suby in the summer, but this was the first time for me and the Evo. Not a bad start to the rallycross career with a 1st place finish!


Sashika's pictures here

Other Pictures:
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- charith
2007-11-25 11:04:16

Won the NNJR SCCA A Stock class championship!

I wasn't the fastest in my class, but consistency paid off. All of the drivers that beat me were running on Kumhos or Hoosiers, so next year I plan on making the jump to Kumho V710s. Losing won't be an option then, if it does happen
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- charith
2007-08-12 23:05:40

Check out our very own Chef Chandi in the news!

Read about it in the Palm Beach Post

- charith
2007-02-05 02:37:55

Nishan Weerasooria sets new rally record

MOTOR RACING: The MRA Rally Championship for 2007 got off to a flying start at Pelwatte in Buttala recently with new records being established. 11 competitors took part along with Dinesh Deheragoda a name well-known in the motor racing scene in Sri Lanka who was amongst the three Mitsubishi Evolutions that took part.

The first stage was a 30.5 km run on gravel and mud with negligible stretches on tarmac posing a stiff
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- charith
2006-08-07 11:31:24

Came third in yesterday's autocross. Tough competition, but it was fun.

Links: Results
- charith
2006-06-25 23:00:32

Won my first autocross on Sunday!

It rained in the morning so only the hardcore competitors showed up. I beat the 2nd place driver by 0.8 seconds, and almost all the modified Evos and STis except for one.

Links: Results 
- charith
2006-04-30 14:34:08

Ado Aiya, you look soo bloody old with the glases and all men!!!!!! looks like old boggy pants needs a makeover!!!!!!
Anywaya, was at the SS at RIM yesterday. decent pics. few decent cars. need to get a old Katta and
- nalin
2006-04-18 13:19:45

Ado Charith, car looks awesome..u need a tha-at-ta(a.k.a spoiler) otherwise it will look like a lancer, with some ricer parts. But looks stunning in white, coming up there to race you, get it broken in.
- chandi
2006-04-12 12:31:17

Congrats to the old man Weerasooria for kicking ass at Mahagastota and
- charith
2006-01-29 23:41:12

Three new galleries
- charith
2005-12-19 12:31:57

Nice pictures of the Engagement. See you
- charith
2005-11-01 13:03:01

Quote of the day:

"I am Sofa King Wee Todd
- charith
2005-10-18 10:03:08

Yeah, I've been lazy and I haven't finished the site. Just mail me the stuff and I'll update the page. OR you could just remind me everyday to finish it and I just might do so
- charith
2005-10-17 23:34:18

Hi guys,

Finally got on line with the rest of you.
Hope every one is doing ok.

Charith, i guess i can't change my profile details. So can i send you the stuff so you can upload, change etc.

Nalin, i havn't heard from you much. i guess your busy sending stuff to this forum. Apart from work.

Ranju, Hope you are ok, and having a blast (Literally)

Chandi, so whats cooking at your end..:-) (i had to say that one...!!)

Hoping to meet you guys
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- mohana
2005-10-10 14:02:31

Here's Tani Akki's mailing address, anyone who can send her a note please do so. Not sure if she still goes by Weerasooria.

49 / 25 C
- charith
2005-10-03 20:41:49

Really cool National Geographic site. It's a live camera at a watering hole in Botswana.
- charith
2005-09-28 14:10:36

Added some pictures from our camping trip. Check the gallery
- charith
2005-09-15 20:29:21

Hey I'm deployed still you bugger, so no phone number, tho my german number is 49-0170-228-84336, the deployed email add is, i'll be here till December, but i can chat on this too so it works the way nice pics..
- ranju
2005-09-13 18:29:59

Hey anyone got Ranj's phone number and it
- nalin
2005-09-12 19:57:31

Don't be so fast to point out my typos, you might wanna check your posts first
- charith
2005-09-12 11:32:41

Spelling brother!!!!! a wild Board? what kind of animal is that?
- nalin
2005-09-11 22:46:22

The last time we saw Shanaka Ambrose (aka Amba) in Sri Lanka, he was probably running after a wild boar with a gun or with his bare hands, using brake fluid instead of Dettol, or sliding sideway in his Pajero with his wife, two kids, mother-in-law, AND a trailer attached holding his deadly CR250. This time I saw Amba, he was in the kitchen!

See for yourself "Amba Civilized"


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- charith
2005-09-07 13:52:54

Although I'm beginning to dislike Google, I think this is pretty cool

- charith
2005-09-02 11:00:16

We have moved!!

I have now moved from Stamford to South Norwalk. The walk to my office is less than a mile, so that's a big plus considering the rising gas prices. The approach neighborhood isn't the best, and some consider it the ghetto, but the apartment is nice. I have to share it with another person, but he's not sure if he's saying here for long.

The Site has moved to 1&1, a hosting company. Things
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- charith
2005-08-30 12:10:56

Hey guys, I'm moving to a new apartment, so the website might be down for a few days. I'll probably find some place that'll host it instead of running it off my home until I'm settled in properly.
- charith
2005-08-28 13:54:12

Hey Sachin, most of the time just carrying cargo and troops back and forth from one place to another. That's about it really. The rest of the time just working out, eating, and sleeping!! pretty weekends or real days off till I get back in
- ranju
2005-08-22 10:05:27

Nice to know you've got curry to eat. Nothing like some hot Sri Lankan food to rumble the stomach when you're busy. Had some faluda and spicy bhiriyani a few weeks ago and I couldn't hold it in for more than two hours! Be safe, looking forward to some pictures.
- charith
2005-08-21 05:01:50

hey, wats ur task to accomplish in iraq again? just
- sachin
2005-08-19 14:10:43

So now I'm in Iraq. Doing fine, dusty, windy and very hot but other than that it is fine...there is a few Sri Lankans here and one of the head chefs is Sri Lankan as well, so I'm getting curry if Iwant everyday, tho somedays I don't make it for that..anyway, that's about it for now...will send some pics and things once i get all organized here. Hope things are well, and this blog isn't restricted so it works out
- ranju
2005-08-11 11:46:25

Captain, good to hear from you. Take care and hope to see you in SL. Apartment looks
- charith
2005-08-11 11:44:15

Hey I just figured this out when malli told me about it just putting my two cents in before i leave next week...will be gone for 4 months but looking to come over to SL first week in Jan for 3 weeks
- ranju
2005-08-11 11:40:20

Chandi. I'm so proud of
- charith
2005-08-11 10:06:53

hey guys ....check out the new pics of put of the IMMMMMPREZA! STi

let me know what u guys think of the rallying ..felt a little solberg in me!!
- chandi
2005-08-11 10:05:18

hey Nalin...the forum is an awesome idea! do that Charith!! so we buggers can chat on here and share
- chandi
2005-08-04 11:21:35

Here, lemme link the picture for you.

I guess that adds another to the list of tasks for me to do on this site. Maybe I'll get off my ass this weekend and do something about it...
- charith
2005-08-02 21:55:11

If you guys hadnt noticed, I put a pic of my good old ride the monte ffor all who hadnt seen it. Its a hundred degrees here and my MONTE does not have an
- nalin
2005-08-02 21:52:51

Oi Malli, I think we need to make this more like a forum or something.
And I think we have a lot to teach our little cousin!!!!! What he bugger is 13 now. Old enough to learn some good sinhala wachana. mu ta poddak ugannamu!!!!Or else we should include sinhala font. Which might be quite interesting and sad to say good for us all!!!!!
- nalin
2005-07-31 08:27:43

That you've gotta ask your old man. Looks like we've got some schooling to do in December.
- charith
2005-07-31 05:16:37

fine, be that way. wat does ado mean in
- sachin
2005-07-29 16:47:14

Wise Ass!!!!! Ado is a sinhalese word and yes i know who Adu is.
- nalin
2005-07-29 12:53:09

dude is adu, not ado, his team DC united played well against chelsea
- sachin
2005-07-13 10:17:23

Ado not bad little bugger!!!! Go kick some
- nalin
2005-07-13 07:45:05

That's great! Nice pictures. Make us
- charith
2005-07-12 10:38:06

hey guys, today my family and i were invited to have lunch with the deputy prime minister and the rest of our team representing gothia cup. here's our fan based website
- sachin
2005-07-08 18:56:09

Hey Chandi, what size is your fish tank?
- nalin
2005-07-07 06:53:04

yo peoples, yeah, we r prolly coming to SL this december. looking forward to seein' u
- sachin
2005-07-06 22:15:12

Yeah would be nice to be able to edit our own profile.
Hey Sachin, come down to SL in Dec. I think Charith, Ranju and myself are going to be in town. Get Okka to come as well. Havent seen the old man in about 6
- nalin
2005-07-02 10:13:45

Hey small fart good to hear you're alive. Yeah I use skype my account is "skypeisdabomb". About editing the profile, I'll build it in this weekend. Never got around to doing
- charith
2005-07-02 00:41:00

hey guys, just wondering, how do i edit my profile in the members section? there is no link when i click
- sachin
2005-07-02 00:37:13

P.S. im gonna upload a lotta picturs in the coming week. any of you use skype? okka uses it and wants to chat with u guys over skype. he finds it too expensive to actually ring u. kidding kidding. ayo, talk
- sachin
2005-07-02 00:34:24

hahahahahahahahahaha its me, the PADAYA. hahahah i'll spam u!!!! just kidding. so hows life been chaps? the sites too plain, write more in the news section lah. ppl in malaysia say lah a lot, so do i, hahahahahahahha. so
- sachin
2005-06-27 23:43:08

hey guyz!!

check out the puppy that we have adopted!! A new addition to the family!!
see the
- chandi
2005-06-10 00:24:39

Here's some video footage taken by Ramon at our last autocross.

**Warning** Size: 42MB

right-click. then save
- charith
2005-05-20 00:30:29

Four more pictures from Radella and Mahagastota (including awards ceremony).

See the bottom of the gallery
- nishan
2005-05-17 10:46:35

Ado chandi....lets switch our wheels for gold ones!!!!!!!
- nalin
2005-05-16 18:36:45



- chandi
2005-05-15 21:56:35

Went for an autocross today. Just wasn't feeling excited about it. Then I slipped my clutch too much while testing a start and after that it was slipping a lot. Finally after it cooled down it seemed to come back to normal. Had a whole bunch of bad runs and eventually Ramon beat me by a full second. Finally on my last run I managed to beat him - that run was in the rain, so I know I could have beaten that time by at least a second.

Hightlight of the day was a 5 day old Ultima GTR.
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- charith
2005-04-28 17:16:10

Two pictures from Radella and Eliyakanda Hill climbs


- nishan
2005-04-24 23:16:17

Went for an autocross today and I'm happy with what I got. Official results aren't out yet, but I think I came in 4th.

picture 1
picture 2

More from where that came
- charith
2005-04-18 19:16:13

OK, now you can add captions to your
- charith
2005-04-17 17:37:57

OK, the basic site is up. I've created logins for a few people. Your login username is your "family" name, and by that I mean the name by which most people call you within the family. For some this might be their first name, but for most it will be one of those absurd names that you have been given since your childhood/younger years. The password is the same as the username. If you're having trouble logging in send me an email at ... [read more]
- charith