The De Sarams, Ilangantilekes, Jayawardenas, Pereras, and Weerasoorias

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VIR 2009

Made the annual 600mile trip down to VIR for another great weekend. Unfortunately I wore down my front brake pads and didn't have a spare set on hand, so I had to pack up half way through the 2nd day.

Evo vs. wet grass and sidewall... Ugh
Dubai & Abu Dhabi

April in Sri Lanka

Went home for the New Year. Ran Mahagastote!
NJMP Lightning

First track day for the year. Ran with SJR-SCCA. Track time was a bit short, but good to get out there.
Winter Racing!

Monticello Motor Club is running a winter racing series
New Year's Eve

Finally got the four boys together

Went for Dale's wedding in Jamaica. Flew into Kingston and then drove to Ocho Rios
Evo Pics

Should I sell it?

NNJR AutoX on July 1

Just a cool sequence of pictures

Went up for the SCCA Solo II Devens National Tour near Boston. Got spanked!

Went up to visit EMC and saw a SOX game from inside the EMC Club. Pretty fancy
Viva Las Vegas

Can't complain when you get an all expenses paid trip to Vegas and stay at the Wynn. Chandi has more typical pictures of Vegas below.
Red Rock Canyon

About 30 minutes from the vegas strip. Beautiful rock formations with lots of climbing opportunities and great hiking
Got Rubber?

here's how to put a big hole in your wallet
Wheels for sale

Sash's Evo X

Snow RallyX at NED

Sash and I had a go at a snow Rallycross last weekend.
The Hair!

It was fun while it lasted
Sri Lanka Jan 2008

A short few weeks at home


Pictures of the Trump Hotel & Tower, Las Vegas, that we are moving out to!!!

New Pictures of the Ilangantileke Mutt Kayla!!!
New Kind of LemonPuf

Check out what I found in a Lemonpuff pack! A 3 layered puff! The BIG MAC OF LEMONPUFFS!!! COOL HUH? NO JOKE!! -chandi
MS NYC Bike Tour

Did the 60 mile bike ride through New York and New Jersey to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research.

Pictures from my trip to Virginia International Raceway for a two-day track event. Best weekend ever!
Nirmal's Pictures

Some pictures he took at a temple in Sri Lanka. I'll get more details later.
Chef Chandi

Chef chandi in the news
NNJR 05-12 & 05-27

Pics from two NNJR events in May
NNJR 04-14-2007

Won the first points event for the year! The usual suspects in A-stock didn't show up so there wasn't much competition. Pictures by Perry.
NNJR 03-31-2007

2nd non-points event for the year so it wasn't as competitive as usual. I would've gotten 1st place if not for a cone that jumped in my way. Pictures by Perry.
MRA Rally 2007

Some pictures of the old man Weerasooria during the 2007 MRA Rally
Beauty & the Beast

The Salsa MR vs. The Cheap RS
Sri Lanka - Nov 2006

Pictures from home, Minneriya, Ritigala, and Kotmale,
Track day at Pocono

Attennded a track dat at Pocono Raceway. We had four session between 25-30 minutes each. On the 4th session I managed to pass everyone in my group. Lots of fun!
June 26 Autox

My first win!
First Autox for the

Aiya and I wore out some tires and killed some cones.
F1 Race

Here are some pics from the Nurmburg F1 Race
Rim of the world ral

Some random pics RIM
The Mighty VIII

The destroyer!
My Evo

Picked it up Monday night. Can't wait to finish the break-in.
Evo & WRX

Pictures of Josh's Evo IX MR and Jac's '02 WRX
The Range


Pictures from the Yala and Kabeliththa trip
Aiya's Wedding

Not all the pictures, but some that I figured were worth it...
Pictures from Home

Pictures of the family, house, dogs, etc
Kumu's engagement

my sister (Kumudhini) and her guy (Mark) got engaged recently (8th December 2005) at a very homely function attended by our closest relatives. I didn't get permission from her to upload the pictures....but i guess all she can do is kill me...! so what the heck.
Fun in the Sun

Here are a few pics from Iraq. My crew and a few that I took while waiting to take off and stuff...will send a few more later on...haven't really been taking any pictures this time since it's the same stuff as the last 6 deployments!
Cali fires

Hey I tried to take a few pics last afternoon while driving. This morning the place was smoky as hell.
Camping Trip

Pictures from our camping trip in the Adirondacks. I'll replace them with higher resolution ones when I get the chance.
Labor Day Weekend

Had a good three-day vacation with the brother in sunny Kalifonia. Most/all of the pictures are when we went to the Channel Islands which are off the coast of Cali.
My Apt in Germany

Here's a few pics of the party pad I got. Had an awesome party a few weeks ago...will put those pics out next. But this is when the pad was clean!

hey..check out the track car and the rally car!!1
Sti on some mudding!

so this is the story...Jeslie found a deserted Orange plantation road where a little rallying is definite!! so i found some mud and the (STI told me she wants to go in) and i put her in!! here are the pics!
Weekend Biking

Went Biking on friday night. Rode up to 8800 feet. Had to escape the summer heat. The temp around work was between 100F and 104F!!!!!
gothia cup

hey guys, today my family and i were invited to have lunch with the deputy prime minister and the rest of our team representing gothia cup. here's our fan based website

she is a black Lab/Retriever pup...4 months old...
Chef Chandi's STi !

So...after long hours and days of debating on Evo or STi...i went and bought the 2005 STi 6MT ...check out the pics!!! This is the US spec with 2.5L Turbo Boxer, 300bhp.
Autocross 05/15/2005

Had a bad day. I'm running with #66 and Ramon is running with #166. Nice pictures anyway.

Click the image on the left for more pictures.

All pictures courtesy of Robert Plafta. See all the pictures here.
Billy's Wedding

Was at Billy's wedding this past weekend.
More pictures here
the oldies!!!!

So the oldies went to some wedding and took pictures of themselves eating!!!!

Car Pictures

Last weekend was nice so a friend of mine grabbed his camera and decided to go take some pictures. The silver car is his, the red is mine.
Nalin's Graduation

Here are some pictures taken from Nalin's graduation.
Kumana Trip

Pictures from our flooded out Kumana trip in December 2002.
Mug shot gallery

Test gallery for mug shots