The De Sarams, Ilangantilekes, Jayawardenas, Pereras, and Weerasoorias

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2005-05-15 21:56:35

Went for an autocross today. Just wasn't feeling excited about it. Then I slipped my clutch too much while testing a start and after that it was slipping a lot. Finally after it cooled down it seemed to come back to normal. Had a whole bunch of bad runs and eventually Ramon beat me by a full second. Finally on my last run I managed to beat him - that run was in the rain, so I know I could have beaten that time by at least a second.

Hightlight of the day was a 5 day old Ultima GTR. The guy managed to get two runs and after that the car decided to quit on him. He also owns an Evo and an Elise. Rich boys with rich toys.

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- charith