The De Sarams, Ilangantilekes, Jayawardenas, Pereras, and Weerasoorias

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2005-09-02 11:00:16

We have moved!!

I have now moved from Stamford to South Norwalk. The walk to my office is less than a mile, so that's a big plus considering the rising gas prices. The approach neighborhood isn't the best, and some consider it the ghetto, but the apartment is nice. I have to share it with another person, but he's not sure if he's saying here for long.

The Site has moved to 1&1, a hosting company. Things should be more stable now, and you should see faster speeds. Let me know if any of you have any problems. Note: Image uploads are broken, I have to figure out how to integrate it with the new setup.

As a plus point, I can now give you all email accounts of the form I'll have that done when I get some time.

EDIT: Image uploads are now fixed.
- charith