The De Sarams, Ilangantilekes, Jayawardenas, Pereras, and Weerasoorias

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2005-10-17 23:34:18

Hi guys,

Finally got on line with the rest of you.
Hope every one is doing ok.

Charith, i guess i can't change my profile details. So can i send you the stuff so you can upload, change etc.

Nalin, i havn't heard from you much. i guess your busy sending stuff to this forum. Apart from work.

Ranju, Hope you are ok, and having a blast (Literally)

Chandi, so whats cooking at your end..:-) (i had to say that one...!!)

Hoping to meet you guys this december.

i shall write more later. probably upload some pics that i've got from my exploits.

love to all the rest as well.


- mohana